Robins Fire welcomes you to our Community Appreciation Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, May 19 from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the Station. There is no charge for the breakfast, but donations will be accepted. Last year's UTV project was successful and the UTV is now in service. Thank you to everyone who donated!!!

Robins Fire Department is an all-volunteer department consisting of 14 dedicated, proficient members (as well as three probationary and one junior members). We provide the following services to the citizens of the City of Robins, Iowa and the surrounding area:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Non-Transport EMS (AEMT)
  • Hazardous Materials Mitigation
  • Fire and Life Safety Education
  • Automobile Extrication
  • Technical Rescue (Water, Ice, High\Low angle)
  • Severe Weather Observation
  • Natural Disaster Response

All of our members are Fire Fighter 1 certified.  The majority also hold Fire Fighter 2 as well as various levels of EMS certification. Among our ranks, we have:

  • 1 Paramedic
  • 3 AEMTs
  • 5 EMTs
  • 9 Fire Fighter 2's
  • 6 Fire Fighter 1's

Several of our members have obtained  a multitude of other credentials in areas including HazMat, Technical Rescue,  Emergency Services Instructor,and Fire Officer.

Schedule and News


Robins Fire Department is now an Advanced EMT service! This certification allows our AEMTs and Paramedic Specialists to administor potentially life saving medications in emergency situations. The Robins Fire Department is constantly evolving to best serve both the current and anticipated future needs of the community. This is the most recent step in that evolution.
  • 1st Monday - TRT/Extra training
  • 2nd Monday - Business/Assoc. meeting
  • 3rd Monday - Fire Training
  • 4th Monday - Medical Training
  • 5th Monday - Extra Training (if applicable)

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The Robins Fire Department utilizes IAmResponding when responding to approximately 100 calls each year.

225 S 2nd Street Robins, Iowa 52328 - (319) 395-7174