SPRING IS HERE!!, with that being said I put out to you again that people are going to be out of there house’s and being more active. People are going to be out on motor cycles and bicycles, so we need to be aware when we are driving our cars so that we do not pull out on them. Bikers make sure you are wearing a helmet, if you love your loved ones you will wear one.

Mark your calendars for our annual pancake breakfast. It will be May 20st from 7-10. So come join us for a hot breakfast and socializing with friends and neighbors. This will be a free will donation this year so come support your fire department.

ALL HANDS ON DECK!!! The Robins Fire Department is low on members. We are looking for residents of Robins or our surrounding area for new members. If you are interested in the EMS/Firefighting world we are LOOKING FOR YOU. If you do not have experience we can train you to become one.  Come to our Monday night trainings or go to our web site at www.robinsfire.com to look at what we have to offer to you. Applications can be picked up at City Hall or give me a call at 721-7075 to get more information.  Yes it does require a commitment but the rewards of serving your community is forever lasting.

 Safety tips of the month. Since the seasons are changing. Strive for a healthier life style. Take up walking, biking, or running. This gets you outside and on a path to healthier living. This also gets you out to meet your neighbors and your community.

Have a great spring and be safe.

Brian Boots

Robins Fire Chief